Stepping Into Fall

“I am stepping into fall” -Aunt M

Your Aunt M LOVES the fall. I mean really loves it. Her and Uncle M got married in the fall, I pretty sure one of her favorite days of the year is when Starbucks brings back the pumpkin spice latte, her birthday is in the fall and this fall she is going to become a Mommy. She really looks forward to fall.

Aunt M and I are alike I think in a lot of ways but when it comes to our love of the seasons we could not be more opposite. Autumn is my least favorite time of year. There are a few things I like about fall/autumn that appear on the calendar in the technical definition of fall but I feel they mark the beginning of winter for me and that is Thanksgiving and my birthday. I feel like when those days come around it starts the holiday season of decorating, shopping (the only time of year I really like shopping) and it can finally start to snow!

I simply do not like fall mostly for what it represents… ending! The plants start to die, the trees lose their leaves, and everything starts to become barren. Summer end (no more beach or pool time), school starts again, and it starts to get darker earlier. It just seems like a sad reminder of fun times ending.

What I do like about fall is pumpkins! I love pumpkin pie. I love fall clothing, I like when it starts to get a a little cooler out and we can wear jeans with a cute jackets. I also love that your Dad and my wedding anniversary is in the Fall (we got married in the fall, not because we love fall but it was when we both could take off of work for a honeymoon).

To be honest that is all I like about Fall…. I do not even like Halloween, maybe you kids will change that?

What is your favorite thing about fall? See what other bloggers said by clicking the ABC challenge button to the right 



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7 responses to “Stepping Into Fall

  1. mmmm pumpkin pie! love pie =]

  2. I mentioned Pumpkin Spice Lattes in my post too – so good! My anniversary is also in the fall 🙂

  3. Ann

    We enjoy making pumpkin pie here also! That’s one of our favorite desserts in the fall.

  4. I love pumpkin pie! and pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin lattes, hmmm I think I just really love pumpkin. I forgot to mention that in my post,

  5. abqmurphy

    Uh oh, I forgot to mention our anniversary in my post. My husband won’t read it though, so I’m safe. LOL

  6. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, right along with spring. I agree the thing I’m not a fan with fall is the death of plants, but the perks outweight that {IMO}.

  7. Think of the “death” of plants as a shedding per se and a chance to rebirth themselves.

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