When I Met Brad Pitt

One day, randomly I decided to wander around NYC with no purpose. This is VERY much out of character for me. For some reason I really wanted to do it. I found myself walking south on 5th Avenue in the area where all the stores are and all of sudden I saw a commotion and someone said Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins were filming a movie right there and I had to get off the sidewalk.

I had walked onto a movie set! I went into the store and I headed to the second floor so I could watch them film the scene. I watched them film the scene from Meet Joe Black where the two of them are walking down the street about 5 times and then I realized it was kinda boring.

I was going to watch one more time so I could time my exit properly both so I could actually leave and so that I might actually see the two of them. While I watch a women was walking down the street and walk right into the two of them. The look on her face from what I could see was ridiculous, she was shocked. Can you imagine just walking down the street and bumping to Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt (who was single at the time he had just broken up with  Gwyneth Paltrow, I had day dreamed while I watched them film that I would meet him and he would fall in love with me… I am serious, Miss A you will know what I mean and Boom Boom you will never know what I mean)

So while I did not actually meet Brad Pitt or Anthony Hopkins it is still a really fun story and the closest thing to an A list celebrity I have met.

Here is my other post about meeting Ben and Jerry (and Jimmy Fallon) which was pretty awesome too.

What celebrity have you met or want to meet?

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11 responses to “When I Met Brad Pitt

  1. Thats so cool that you got to see them filming =]

  2. There are so many great things about being in New York City, and that’s one of them. The more time you spend wandering the streets, the more amazing things and people you will brush into. Great post!

  3. Awesome!! I saw Eddie Murphy and his buddies when they were filming a scene from Beverly Hill’s Cop Some Sequel. I saw him walking around the hotel where I was having lunch and I said, “Wow, that guy looks a lot like Eddie Murphy” and then “And his friend sure looks like Judge Reinhold” and yes, it was them after all! LOL

  4. What a neat experience! My only celebrity “encounter” was Mario Lopez from Saved by the Bell. He did wrap his arms around me for a photo, but I bet he never knew my name.

  5. You know chances are I would have watched the whole thing. LOL

  6. What a fun random encounter!

  7. Wow. That’s a big name star!

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