I am now the parent of two children, a boy and girl with a little bit more than a 2 year age difference between them. So now I am recording fun times with the two of them, telling stories about my childhood and life, family recipes (which are hard to track down so I need to record them) and other fun things. I will write about things that are less interesting in the future to you two kids but sometimes Mommy just likes to write.

Hopefully, I can find a lesson in each post. I really enjoy writing these posts… now if you kids could just go to bed on time I would have time to write them! (2-22-12)

From 7-14-10

I currently have one child who just turned one. I have often thought of things I want to tell her. This blog is meant to be a journal of these thoughts. I hope to have another child one day and share these thoughts with that child as well. I would like to take everything that I write here and print it in a book to give to them when they are older.

Some thoughts may be random based on my activities of the day, lists of things, or they might be deep and well thought out life lessons… who knows.

This blog is meant to be a repository for my thoughts and for my kids, but comments are always welcome.

If you want to email me contact me at kidstoknow at gmail.com


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  1. I am new to WP (moved here from another blogging site) and decided to explore some of the freshly pressed blogs. Yours is one of the first I checked out. I think your idea to write your thoughts down for your child(ren) is great.

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