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Free Tickets at the Last Minute

On November 16, 2004 I woke up and went to work. One of my co-workers asked me when I walked past her “Do you want to go to a Counting Crows concert tonight in NYC? The tickets are free my husband won them and I do not want to go.” I called your Dad and he was of course in, I am pretty sure your Dad would not turn down a concert ticket. In fact his blog (today he wrote about this concert too) is built completely by using his hundreds of concert tickets as reference points for memories and blog posts.

So that night we headed to the city for what we were surprised to say was on of the best concerts we ever went to. I have been to concerts with bands I love and there were many great ones in that collection but this one had the absolute lowest expectation and blew me out of the water.

Adam Duritz played his heart out and drank his heart out. Your Dad and I were amazed at how much he drank and still played a great concert. We were on the floor right in front of them while they played. It felt like it was a show just for me and your Dad.

They basically played the August and Everything Thereafter, their famous CD (will you even know what I am talking about when I refer to a CD). I cannot really explain how great it was but now when I hear a song by Counting Crows I think of that night. In fact when your Dad and I went on our honeymoon we brought that CD with us (and left it there).

Lesson to Learn

  • You never know when you will have one of those night that you will remember for a long time.
  • Do not pass up free concert tickets
  • When you get older and we drive cross-country you will understand why at some point you will listen to that entire CD and we will explain to you what a CD is too.

What is the best concert you ever went to?

Here is the you tube video of the ENTIRE concert!! Viva la internet!



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How I Met Your Father

How I Met Your Mother is a bit of the inspiration for this blog so I feel kind of weird being able to lump my “How I Met Your Father” into one blog post but I can.

First Encounter:  I went to go visit Aunt J at college and I went to your Dad’s apartment for a small party. We just hung out there and watched TV. I remember thinking 7 guys live in this place and it is so clean and neat. I also thought the iguana they had was huge. Your Dad does not remember me and I do not remember him thought we are both sure we were both there.

Second Encounter: My birthday! Aunt J came home for Thanksgiving and we went out for my birthday with a few friends. She invited your Dad because he did not live far away. He came and hung out with the small group of us. He was picking up his new car the day after Thanksgiving and it was pretty much all he could talk about. I remembered him and he still did not remember me.

Third Encounter: Aunt J and Keith’s engagement party. Apparently Keith told your Dad about me and told him I was single. I think he also said other inappropriate things about me but who knows. Your Dad and I were both in the wedding party for Aunt J and Keith so this was the beginning of many encounters we would have over the coming weeks, months, and years leading up to their wedding. Your Dad can tell his side of the story as to how he brought a keg to the Aunt J parents house for the party…etc. I made an impression on your Dad that night because we chatted most of the night and I saw him again just a few weeks later at Aunt J’s New Years Party. I gave your Dad my number there and he called me a few days later to go out on a date.

I will save the first date story for another post but needless to say God kept trying to make us notice one another but we were not ready to recognize it until the 3rd time!

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Roughing It: Grand Canyon Style

Today’s Prompt: When was the last time you “roughed it”? Submitted by Kristen @

The last time I roughed it was when your Dad and I went on vacation to the Grand Canyon. We stayed at the Bright Angel Lodge. It was a tiny room with a bed and small bathroom with a shower. I was beyond rustic (not a complaint but rather a description). We arrived on Monday or a Tuesday and we walked around the rim and took the bus to the other look out points. About 3 hours after we got there a big storm rolled in and you could no longer see the canyon. We went back to the room and got ready for our dinner reservation at the El Tovar, the nicest restaurant and hotel in the whole park. We had an amazing dinner and enjoyed some time by the fireplace.

Our plan was to get up the next day and hike down a little bit. I must confess once I got there and saw the look out points and just how steep the hike down would be I was VERY nervous. To add to my concerns we purchased the book “Death in the Canyon” it was basically an accounting of every single person who had ever died in the Grand Canyon. It did worry me that some people died in some odd ways in situations that I could see your Dad and I getting our selves into.

We went to bed on that chilly night and woke up freezing. I realized there was no heat on. Then I realized there was no power. Then I looked out the window to see what was going on and there was 7 inches of snow on the ground and it was still falling. We were there for the first snow storm of the season that was unexpectedly early.

This was a our room not exactly roughing it, but pretty minimal.

Phew, I was saved by the snow storm the trails were closed! But now we were freezing and had to shovel out our car without a shovel! Luckily there was a snow and ice scraper in the car and we did pack warm coats, hats, and gloves.

To say we roughed it may be dramatic but when you are in bare bones lodge with no power in the entire national park…. you are not in an optimal situation. But it was an amazing experience and it worked out well for me.

Lessons to learn

  • Pack for the weather you are going to be in. We saw tons of people in flip flops and shorts because they thought that all of Arizona was hot.
  • Be willing to change to the situation.
  • Go to the Grand Canyon (do not worry we will bring you there) it is an amazing site.

Going Green with the Grizls



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