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Mom, Can I Go Ride My Bike

This is me mountain biking in Arizona

I said this pretty much every single day for years “Mom, can I go ride my bike?” There is no toy I ever received that I every used as much as my bike.

Santa brought me my first two wheeler it was white with pink writing and pink details. It was called the “powder puff racer.” I did not get to ride it right away (it was back when the winters around here were actually cold). Once the weather got remotely warm enough for Grandma to let me go out side to ride I did and I never looked back.

I rode my bike after breakfast till lunch and then again till dinner and sometimes after dinner. It had a basket on the front and sometimes I would pack my lunch and bring it with me on my ride. Most of the time I would ride around the two blocks I was allowed to ride on without getting special permission. It is amazing how many different ways I could do that figure 8 around the neighborhood. Sometimes I would pretend I had errands to run and certain house and driveways (with people who worked all day) were the parking lots. Sounds completely dorky I know but in my mind I had created a little city and I was being an adult doing my thing.

On special days when the older kids were going on longer bike rides Grandma would let me go with Aunt N to the rose garden up the street or the stream that was a mile away. The rose garden was amazing, it was rows and rows of beautiful roses. I cannot wait to take you kids there. We used to pack picnic lunches and play hide and go seek there. We ALWAYS rode our bikes there. The stream we used to go to, well lets just say we drive by it every day now and I realize it was probably a place we should not have hung out it is kinda gross.

My love of bike riding continued when I was adult but not that way some adults ride. I mountain biked! You Dad started mountain biking again when we started dating and it was fun to ride with him for a while but eventually it was not. Your Dad thought he needed to train me in mountain biking and that kinda ruined it for me. Sometimes I would walk up a steep hill and he would want me to ride it again. Same thing when I fell he wanted me to try again. I got his point but sometimes I just did not want to.

The last time we rode was 10 years ago this week. I remember because it was our friends wedding anniversary and I remember mountain biking the weekend before it. This is how it went down, we went to park to ride and we met some guys that we did not know who were cool and rode with them for a bit. We down a black diamond like trail (for those who ski you get the reference, but for everyone else it was a very difficult and technical trail). I had been riding a lot at that point and I was holding my own with the boys pretty well. As we were going down a rocky single track I went right over my handle bars and smashed both my knee caps into a rock. I instantly started to cry, the pain was intense and for a few seconds I was sure my knee caps were shattered. I then collected myself and realized that while it hurt I was not actually injured. So I got back up and started riding.

About 5 minutes later as I headed back down the trail to catch up with the guys I did the exact same thing. This time I cut both my arms wide open and bruised my hip and side. There was dirt all over me. I was upset but at this point I was not getting back on my bike. I started walking my bike. At this point your Dad was worried I had gone the wrong way and he came back to find me. As soon as I saw him I burst into tears again and he got kinda freaked out because I looked pretty awful I was bleeding everywhere and covered in dirt. None of my injuries were actually that bad, we used the entire first aid kit we had and realized I just had tons of minor cuts. We met back up with the guys and rode for another hour because you Dad was worried I would never ride again if I did not ride more that day.

Even though my injuries were minor, I had so many that covered so much of my body I had a hard time sleeping for a few nights because my cuts hurt when touching the sheets. I went to work that Monday and I know for sure people thought something horrible had happened to me. I went shopping on my lunch hour to buy a dress that went to the floor to cover my leg injuries but it was August I could not cover all my other injuries. It made for a quite a story to a lot of people till I healed.

Now I do not ride my bike but it has much less to do with this story as it is we do not have time to spend the entire day going mountain biking. Your Dad used to go a lot until last summer but now the weekend are the time we get to spend together as a family.

When you kids get older I am sure that all four of us will go on amazing bike rides!

What was your favorite toy as a kid?

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Long Live The Goldfish!

As you know growing up Grandma and Grandpa were really not into pets. Two dogs lived with us for a short period of time but that was it except for the fish tank. We had what I remember to be a huge fish tank in our dining room (it probably was not that big). It was a simple set up multi colored rocks, some sort of ceramic thing for the fish to swim through and some fake plastic greenery and of course a filter so we did not have to clean it out often.

I named the fish and they rotated in and out. Some fish stayed with us for a short period of time. Others stayed a while. I want to tell you the story of the fish that lived the longest!

She was a silver goldfish with spots of black and orange. Grandma was ALWAYS brushing my hair. My hair was curly and thick so there were a lot of tears but she said, over and over again, “We need to brush our hair to look pretty.”

One day I decided after my hair was brushed I should brush the fishes hair. I wanted them to look pretty too. I remember sneaking into the bathroom and grabbing my natural bristle brush with a wooden handle and going to the dining room. I pulled up a dining room chair which was incredibly heavy and stood on the chair and opened the top. I pulled my sleeve up as far as I could which was not high enough and brushed the silver goldfish’s hair.

I kept brushing and as she swam around I chased her with the brush. Since I was not performing precision work I brushed one of its eyes out! Just as I did Grandma found me and my God did I get in trouble! There was guilt for injuring the fish, guilt for ruining the hairbrush, guilt for messing up the fish tank. It was traumatic. I felt terrible for getting in trouble and was very worried the fish was going to die.

In an amazing twist of fate the fish lived for another TWO years! It was crazy. We talked about that fish long after she left us as lesson in what a miracle it was that she lived. We hypothesized that maybe the eyes are the body parts on a fish that makes them sick and die…etc.

Lessons to learn:

  • Fish do not have hair or fur AND they do not like to be brushed
  • Never put your hands in the fish tank you will make a mess AND your parents will get very mad
  • Goldfish typically do not live long
  • You do not have to brush your hair several times a day like Grandma did.

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The Day of the Fire

Where the fire started

I think we can easily say that 2010 is a year that will go down in history as the year that Mommy and Daddy will not stop talking about. We have discussed the hurricane and the robbery… your Dad also got into a car accident with deer three weeks after we bought a new car (he was totally fine, miracle)… then the day after Christmas came. Until December 27th we were just referring to it as “fake Christmas” because Uncle M and Aunt M were at Aunt M’s family for their first Christmas as a married couple so on their way back on the 26th they were coming to our house to meet up with rest of the G clan to exchange Christmas presents.

It started off like any other get together, snacks and TONS of gifts. We had a fire in the fireplace and the snow was just starting to fall for what would become “smow-ma-geddon.” We were having a great time but the snow was getting more intense Grandma and Grandpa left and Uncle D boarded a train to NYC to go on a date. Uncle M and Aunt M stayed to hang out wait out the storm by enjoying a movie with Daddy and I.

We were no more than a few minutes into the movie when we smell smoke. I go into the dining room and I see smoke coming from the chair rail. I move the china cabinet a few inches and see the wall glowing red. I call 911, your Dad puts the fire out in the fireplace, Aunt M gets the fire extinguishers (all of which had pretty much nothing left so she ran next door and got theirs) and Uncle M sprayed the fire extinguisher. I got you up out of bed and brought you next door. I put Harpua in the car (I did not know what else do).

This is a fire truck stuck in the snow... took an hour to get it out

The fire department got there fast and started hacking away at our wall with an ax. The fire hoses went to every floor and I was panicked that not only the house would burn down but that there would be water everywhere and ruin what was not burned.

I have to say that it not what you expect…. while the fire men are going in and out of the house we were able to go in and out too. I grabbed the computer, our hard drive and my cameras… the fire was small and controlled immediately. The snow was falling hard and the fire hydrant was frozen so they could not turn the hoses on.

As with all things that happened in 2010, it could have been alot worse. Every person who came into the house for various work or investigation after the fire told us we were lucky we had not gone to sleep because we would have died. As for all our “bad luck” it was so much better than it could have been.

All that said I am very happy to see 2010 end and I looking forward to all the exciting new things that 2011 can have in store of us!!

Lessons to learn:

  • Make sure you have fire extinguishers that work
  • Check you smoke detectors (we did to, fires in the wall do not trigger smoke detectors as fast but still a good lesson)
  • Be thankful that even the terrible things that happen could have been alot worse.
  • Be thankful for your neighbors, they are helpful
  • Thank your Aunt for letting us live with her for the last 49 days (and counting)!

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